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Employee hotline 

Call the free 0800 Rural Employee Advice line for confidential and impartial advice from an experienced rural team. No question is too big or small. Alternatively, ask a question via our contact form.

Legal Advice & Support

Sometimes we need someone to help us when we are having a problem at work. Find out steps to take when you have a problem at work, where to get free community legal help, your rights and entitlements, and, when things aren't going well, how to address conflict.  For information on the 90 day trial period click here. 


Often your house comes with the job. To understand the ins and outs of this part of your contract visit Tenancy Services. Find out what you can expect for accommodation on a dairy farm.


Be as prepared as possible in pay negotiations by knowing how your pay compares against industry standards. 

Federated Farmers Rem Report

Dairy NZ Entitlement information 


Taking a break to clear your mind or spending some time with friends and family is all about looking after yourself. For these wellbeing tips and more visit DairyNZ and Farmstrong.

Taking Leave

Breaks keep us healthy, safe, and well so we can perform at our best and part of a team. Make sure you know your leave and holiday entitlements.

Stress And Burnout 

We all have ups and downs at work and in life. To manage potential stress and burnout check out Farmstrong’s tips and tricks and DairyNZ’s wellbeing page. 

Mental Health Support

Chatting with someone who has been where you are now can help. Rural Support Trust has local, rural people ready to talk. And try the Mental Health Foundation Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work Toolkit.


Eating well is key to a healthy lifestyle and mind, and good work performance. Get eating tips and recipes for farmers from a nutritionist at Farmstrong.

Good Sleep Habits

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your health and productivity. Get sleep tips including how to catch the ‘sleep wave’ at Farmstrong. 

Keeping Active

Keeping active helps us both mentally and physically on farm, but it’s not as easy as it used to be with technology and machinery leading to less physical activity. Keep farm fit with Farmstrong.


Animals are often at the heart of a good farming business so understanding the health and wellbeing of your animals is paramount. Any concerns check out MPI’s protection and response.
DairyNZ’s animal welfare, stockmanship and cow health webpages.

Career Pathway  

To make informed choices on your career pathway it is helpful to understand the different roles.

Check out career pathways for dairy farming, and beef, sheep and deer. 

Training and Development

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin. Keep learning in your ag career through Primary ITO and Dairy Training. 

Farm Health and Safety

For farming guidance, tool kits, vehicles on farms, working with animals, noise management and useful case studies visit WorkSafe. Additionally, visit

Safer Farms a free resource for people to learn about and share ideas that can make farms safer places for everyone.

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